Mice, Moose, and Men: How Their Populations Rise and Fall

Mice, Moose, and Men: How Their Populations Rise and Fall

By: Robert M. McClung
Published by: William Morrow & Company
Publication Date: 1973

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Overpopulation is a primary problem for modern man but not apparently for other animal species. Why is man alone plagued by this concern? What is the future facing him? These questions are among those that Robert McClung explores in this timely survey of population patterns.

First the author describes in general how animal populations stay in balance with each other. Then he goes on to present interesting specific examples of exceptions that have been recorded. Among some animals, such as lemmings and mice, population explosions occur regularly. Other animals when introduced into a new environment, such as the European rabbit in Australia or the starling in the New World, thrive spectacularly. Imbalances caused by natural factors correct themselves, the author shows, but those caused by man's technology often do not. A final section summarizes the history of man's population growth, explaining why it may be running out of control. 

Adroitly choosing dramatic case histories to make his basic points, Mr. McClung has produced a most readable book on a topic of prime importance to all.

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