Major: The Story of a Black Bear

Major: The Story of a Black Bear

By: Robert M. McClung
Published by: William Morrow & Company
Publication Date: 1956
Series: Robert McClung's Animal Life Cycle Series

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Major was born in a warm den under the roots of a dead tree while the snow lay deep in the forest. He was a tiny, helpless cub, just eight inches long, and it was not until spring, three months later, that the mother bear led him and his sister outside for the first time. The cubs, now covered with thick, woolly fur, tumbled and romped with delight, but Major's curiosity often led them into trouble. A garrumphing frog proved harmless enough, but a porcupine presented a more painful experience. Once the bears, caught in a field of corn by an irate farmer with a gun, narrowly escaped disaster. But as the seasons changed, the mother bear taught her cubs to live safely and by the second summer Major and his sister were on their own.

In this delightful and accurate story, Mr. McClung graphically describes the growth of a bear from a stumbling cub to a triumphant full-grown animal. It is illustrated with his own striking drawings.

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