Luna: The Story of a Moth

Luna: The Story of a Moth

By: Robert M. McClung
Published by: William Morrow & Company
Simultaneously published by: George J. McLeod Limited, Toronto
Publication Date: 1957
Series: Robert McClung's Animal Life Cycle Series

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Near the big old walnut tree at the edge of the woods a crinkly brown object, the size and shape of a walnut, began to move. Finally it broke open. Out came a damp furry head with two eyes, six waving legs, and a long white body with crumpled wing pads on its back. It was a Luna moth just out of her cocoon. Like all Luna moths, she lived only a few days, but during that time she had laid hundreds of eggs.

Six eggs that she had laid in the walnut tree hatched at the same time. But insect life is full of dangers. As the eggs became caterpillars and then pupas, one after another was lost. Only one Luna moth survived to complete the cycle. Now he waited for the moon to rise to begin his search for a mate.

The beautifully designed pages of this book show the pale-green Luna moth in all its ethereal beauty and mirror the changing seasons. The story echoes the never-ending rhythm of the insect world.

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