Little Buffalo Boy

Little Buffalo Boy

By: Holling Clancy Holling
Published by: Garden City Publishing Co, Inc.
Publication Date: 1939

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A bright new kind of Indian story for young children to enjoy. The illustrations on each page are in the tradition and spirit of Indian picture language, and so the story of the text is told with pictures too.

The little Indian boy, whose name was If-He-Isn't-Here-He's-Some-Other-Place, was not old enough for a real grown up name, so they called him that for short.

When the story begins If-He-Isn't-Here was hungry, and all of the tribe were hungry, because there was no more buffalo meat. And the buffalo herds were nowhere to be found.

"Let us scatter like crickets and search in all directions," said the worried chief as winter was coming on. So they all set out.

Little If-He-Isn't's "Handsome Horse" grew tired of dragging the teepee and other family possessions in the search, and ran away just before the arrival of a great snow storm which buried them all for a time. Then the little Indian boy thought of going off on his snow shoes to see what he could find. How he won a fine new name for himself, that tells everyone who hears it the wonderful thing he did for the whole tribe, makes an exciting story for all boys and girls who want to hear "more about Indians". 

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