The Landing of the Pilgrims

The Landing of the Pilgrims

By: James Daugherty
Published by: Random House
Publication Date: 1950
Series: Landmark Books
Series Number: 2

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Most boys and girls in Grade 6 can read this book themselves. Those in Grades 5 to 9 will find it of compelling interest from beginning to end.

Will Bradford like excitement. He was brave, too, and when a boy has a brave heart and a love of excitement, adventure seldom passes him by.

When he grew up, Will became one of the Pilgrims and was their leading member for many years. The adventures that befell Will and the Pilgrims on their journey across the stormy Atlantic, when they landed at Provincetown, and in the early days of their settlement at Plymouth, are told in this fine book.

James Daugherty's story and pictures carry a genuine feeling of life in the Plymouth colony. Here are real people having real adventures. At first, they suffered many discouragements and troubles, but gay and comical things often happened too, and the Pilgrims were well able to enjoy fun and a good joke. Then, there were the pleasant, happy things: the first Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims' friendships with the Indians, and the birth of Peregrine White, the first white baby to be born in New England.

Across the pages move many of Plymouth's people: Captain Miles Standish, called a "little runt" by an Indian who soon regretted his words; jolly Mrs. Hopkins, the inventor of New England corn pudding; and the efficient Master Jones who captained the "Mayflower" across the Atlantic. Here, too, are the young Billingtons, easily the most mischievous boys in Plymouth.

Readers will like this story because it tells about things that really happened. They will like it, too, because it is a swiftly moving tale, full of action, fun, accomplishment, and suspense.

From the dust jacket

The Landing of the Pilgrims Reprint

The Landing of the Pilgrims Abridged     No illustrations
Reprinted in 1981 by Random House Books for Young Readers
Available formats: Paperback
Series: Landmark Books (Random House Paperback Reprints) (Original Landmark Books)
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Note concerning the Random House reprint: One of our members checked this book by comparing Table of Contents and a few pages throughout the book. She found the following changes in this brief comparison, and there may be more of a similar style found throughout the book:

  • Illustrations have been removed
  • Table of Contents do not quite line up as far as titles of chapter headings
  • Following paragraph removed from final chapter: "Bradford laid his goosequill pen on the cluttered desk. At last he had finished it—the story of Plymouth from the beginnings up to now. None knew it better than himself. This was the story of the forty years he had lived since he had joined the Separatists at Scrooby. Those who came after would want to know how it was in the beginning with those who came first."
  • Following sentence removed from final chapter: "He had set down the story briefly and plainly, not glossing over any matter, but bluntly stating truth."
  • Following paragraph removed from final chapter: "Bradford looked across the Bay, sparkling blue in the afternoon sun. His gaze traveled to the horizon; his thoughts went back through the long years to his youth, and to Austerfield and Scrooby, where it all began. He had not changed; only that he was surer now and saw Truth clearer."

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