Junior Science Book of Magnets

Junior Science Book of Magnets

By: Rocco V. Feravolo
Published by: Garrard Publishing Company
Publication Date: 1960
Series: Garrard's Junior Science Books

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Magnets have a strange power. You see this when you hold a magnet near a pin. The pin jumps to the magnet and clings to it. Sometimes you can pick up a whole cluster of pins or nails—all hanging onto your magnet.

Now put your magnet next to a piece of paper. Nothing happens because a magnet attracts only iron and steel.

In the Junior Science Book of Magnets, Rocco V. Feravolo, a distinguished young science teacher, explains what a magnet is and how it works. One-two-three directions show you how to perform all sorts of experiments with bar magnets and electromagnets.

You will find magnets all around you. When your doorbell rings, a magnet is at work. This magnet is made by electricity. We call it an electromagnet.

In every electric motor, magnets are at work. The generator in your car depends on a magnet. Rockets to outer space need magnets.

In fact, when you read the Junior Science Book of Magnets, you will see that magnets have changed our world.

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Magnets Reprint

Reprinted in 2017 by Living Library Press
Available formats: Paperback
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