John Hughes: Eagle of the Church

John Hughes: Eagle of the Church

By: Doran Hurley
Published by: P.J. Kennedy & Sons
Publication Date: 1961
Series: American Background Books (Lives of Catholic Heroes and Heroines in American History)
Series Number: 18

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During the years when John Hughes worked on his father's farm in County Tyrone, Ireland, he dreamed of someday becoming a priest. The dream came true beyond all his hopes, for this Irish lad became one of America's great churchmen and public figures.

In 1817, at the age of 20, John emigrated to the United States, and in 1826 he was ordained. The new priest was assigned to Philadelphia where he soon made his mark on religious and civic life.

Later, as Bishop then Archbishop of New York, he was the leader and protector of his people during the Nativist and Know-Nothing movements, constantly reminding his flock by word and deed of their duties as American citizens. Intensely devoted to his adopted land, the Archbishop responded loyally when asked to perform any public service. One of his admirers was Abraham Lincoln who sent Hughes to the court of Napoleon III in France to win support for the Northern cause in the War between the States. And even though aged and ailing, he played a leading role in quelling the Draft Riots of 1863.

John Hughes was like an eagle, whether fighting for souls or defending his beloved country. In his stirring biography, Doran Hurley presents a remarkable spiritual leader who was both a loving shepherd of his people and a vigorous American who stood ever ready to uphold the principles of freedom.

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John Hughes: Eagle of the Church Reprint

John Hughes: Eagle of the Church        
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John Hughes: Eagle of the Church Reprint

John Hughes: Eagle of the Church        
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