Jet Plane: How It Works

Jet Plane: How It Works

By: David Macaulay Complete Authored Works
With: Sheila Keenan
Published by: David Macaulay Studio
Publication Date: 2012
Series: David Macaulay's How It Works

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Do you see that jet plane high in the sky?  How did it get up there? Go on a plane ride, from takeoff to landing!

With his unique blend of informative text and illustration, master explainer David Macaulay takes readers on an airplane ride—and along the way, he shows readers how a plane works and what makes it fly. From the engines that provide the power and the wings that life the plane off the ground to the cockpit controls and passenger cabin, he shows how these modern technological marvels work and what makes them stay in the air.

Formatted for beginning and newly independent readers, David Macaulay's My Readers books excite curiosity and answer questions about the real world.

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