Jenny's Moonlight Adventure

Jenny's Moonlight Adventure

By: Esther Averill
Published by: Harper & Row Publishers, Inc
Publication Date: 1949
Series: Jenny's Cat Club
Series Number: 4
List: The Best Books to Read with Your Kids on Halloween

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That small shy favorite, Jenny Linsky, as previously (see back panel) met three tests of character with quiet courage and determination. But this time she becomes for one bright moonlit night a dashing heroine, to her own considerable surprise.

It was on a Halloween night ("a special night for black cats everywhere"), and the Cat Club was to hear a concert of scary witch tunes played by the beautiful Madame Butterfly on her Persian nose flute. But Madame Butterfly injured herself coming down the drainpipe to the meeting, and even worse, she lost her nose flute. Somebody had to return it to her, to comfort her, and to do it, they would have to go through tough Mulligan Street. And timid little Jenny was the only one who could carry the flute, and she knew deep down in her heart that now it was her turn to help a friend in trouble...

How she did it makes the most enchanting story yet of this little cat whom The Atlantic Monthly calls "a personality ranking not far below such giants as Peter Rabbit."

From the dust jacket

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