Jenny's Adopted Brothers

Jenny's Adopted Brothers

By: Esther Averill
Published by: Harper & Row Publishers, Inc
Publication Date: 1952
Series: Jenny's Cat Club
Series Number: 6

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When THE CAT CLUB, the first book about Jenny Linsky, appeared, Mary Gould Davis, in the Saturday Review, wrote: "Here are humor and gaiety, the power to make a small world—and a small cat—important and interesting. We can only hope it is just a beginning." Happily THE CAT CLUB was just a beginning. This is the sixth book about little Jenny, the shy black cat, whom the Atlantic Monthly called a "personality ranking not far below such giants as Peter Rabbit."

One sunny day Jenny was sitting beside the rosebush in the garden. "How lucky I am," she thought. "I wish every cat could have the nice things I have." And at that moment she met two homeless cats, the brothers Edward and Checkers, and she took them home to her master, Captain Tinker. The Captain did offer the brothers a home, and Jenny was happy. However, when Edward took over one of Jenny's special spots in the closet behind the Captain's rubber boots, and when Checkers jumped up on the Captain's armchair and went to sleep, Jenny faced the first of her several tests. How Jenny passed the tests of love, how she proved herself the fine little cat we all know her to be, make an extremely touching as well as funny story.

Ester Averill's other Harper books include DANIEL BOONE (illustrated by Feodor Rojankovsky), THE ADVENTURES OF JACK NINEPINS, KING PHILIP: THE INDIAN CHIEF (with pictures by Vera Belsky), and, of course, her previous books about her own little black cat, Jenny Linsky.

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Jenny and the Cat Club Reprint

Jenny and the Cat Club
Reprinted in 2003 by The New York Review Children’s Collection
Available formats: Hardcover
List: New York Review Children's Collection
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Includes: The Cat Club, Jenny's First Party, When Jenny Lost Her Scarf, Jenny's Adopted Brothers and How the Brothers Joined the Cat Club.

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