Jenny Goes to Sea

Jenny Goes to Sea

By: Esther Averill
Published by: Harper & Row Publishers, Inc
Publication Date: 1957
Series: Jenny's Cat Club
Series Number: 9

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"A new Jenny Linsky book is always a delight," said the Horn Book of Miss Averill's last book about the little black cat. Children and their parents will agree when they read about Jenny's latest adventures on the high seas.

Jenny Linsky, her adopted brothers, Checkers and Edward, and their master are on their way around the world on the good ship Sea Queen. No one could make such a trip without some adventures, and Jenny and her brothers have more than their share of fun and excitement. In one port of call they have their fortunes told by a cat skilled in reading paws. One by one they predictions come true, with extraordinary and wonderful results.

The three cats make many new friends on their trip. The ship's cat, Jack Tar, promises to become a member of the Cat Club when he is at liberty between voyages. But after all the fun and action the three cats are happy to return to their own house and old friends.

Esther Averill had drawn a multitude of pictures of Jenny, her brothers, their friends and their adventures. Each one is absolutely perfect in its own inimitable way.

From the dust jacket

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