Jamestown: New World Adventure

Jamestown: New World Adventure

By: James E. Knight
Published by: Troll Associates
Publication Date: 1982
Series: Adventures in Colonial America

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Two English children are told the story of their grandfather's experiences as one of the original Jamestown colonists of 1607.

From the book 

Ready to take a journey back in time? In the Adventures in Colonial America series, you can explore the world as it once was! Live in a colonial village, build a fort at Jamestown, and fight for independence during the Revolutionary War— these adventures, and more, await you. Featuring finely detailed illustrations and exciting stories, these books bring alive the history of America.

From the back of the 1998 reprint

Jamestown: New World Adventure Reprint

Jamestown: New World Adventure        
Reprinted in 2006 by Beautiful Feet Books
Available formats: Paperback
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