James Herriot's Yorkshire Stories

James Herriot's Yorkshire Stories (Adaptation)

By: James Herriot
Published by: Michael Joseph Ltd. (London)
Publication Date: 1997
Series: James Herriot's Favorite Animal Stories

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This third selection of James Herriot's timeless stories with illustrations by Lesley Holmes contains tales about cows and dogs—including Tricki Woo, of course—magnificent Shire horses, goats and orphaned lambs.  He tells of times when a jangling telephone in the dead of night would summon him to a sick animal at a farm in the middle of a wintery nowhere.  Then the character of the Dales people would show—from the dour farmer who supplied cold watre and soap that would not lather to the couple who insisted the vet stayed for a dram of whisky and a wedge of rich Yorkshire fruit cake before setting off home again.

As Jim Wight, James Herriot's son, says in his foreword, it is the quality of the people who live in the Dales which is so pre-eminent in these classic stories and we meet here many fascinating characters who were part of James Herriot's life and provided him with such unique material for his books.

Lesley Holmes' beautiful illustrations again capture the spirit of the Yorkshire landscape, and help the reader escape even deeper into James Herriot's world.

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James Herriot's Animal Stories Reprint

James Herriot's Animal Stories Abridged        
Reprinted in 1997 by St. Martin's Press
Reprint illustrated by Leslie Holmes
Reprint foreword by Jim Wight
Available formats: Hardcover
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