Homer Price

Homer Price

By: Robert McCloskey
Published by: Viking Press Inc
Publication Date: 1943

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Homer Price lives two miles out of Centerburg, where Route 56 meets 56A, but most of his friends and relatives live in town. They include Aunt Aggy and Uncle Ulysses, the Sheriff and the boys, Miss Terwilliger, Miss Naomi Enders, great-great-great granddaughter of Ezekiel Enders who founded Centerburg and who owned the precious formula for making Cough Syrup and Elixir of Life Compound. While Centerburg is not exactly nosey, precious little happens that the good citizens do not know.

In six preposterous tales, Robert McCloskey takes a good look at the face of mid-western America with humorous and affectionate eyes. No matter how old of young the reader,

the strange skulduggery of the Sensational Scent,
the extravagant affair of the Doughnuts,
the breathtaking suspense of "Mystery Yarn",
the doleful defeat of The Super-Duper,
the puzzling problem of Michael Murphy's musical Mousetrap,
and the Great Pageant of One Hundred and Fifty Years of Centerburg Progress Week,

will reduce him to helpless laughter.

Homer Price, like his picture-book predecessor, Lentil, has the world well under control.

From the dust jacket
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