Heaven to Betsy: A Betsy-Tacy High School Story

Heaven to Betsy: A Betsy-Tacy High School Story

By: Maud Hart Lovelace Complete Authored Works
Published by: Thomas Y. Crowell Company
Publication Date: 1945
Series: The Betsy-Tacy Books
Series Number: 5

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Betsy and Tacy are freshmen in high school. And the Deep Valley High School, in the year 1906, seems surprisingly similar to high schools of today. Betsy and Tacy and their crowd of boys and girls are involved with Latin and algebra, ouija boards and cross-country hikes, fudge after school, sings around the piano, and parties—endless parties.

Betsy more particularly is involved with Tony, a new boy in school whom she and Tacy call the Tall Dark Stranger. She also becomes involved in the school's annual essay contest at which she competes with a boy named Joe. Boys are important now to all the girls except red-haired Tacy, who calmly refuses to consider them lords of creation.

Boys and girl alike flock to the Ray house, for Mrs. Ray is as lighthearted as ever, and on Sunday nights Mr. Ray makes sandwiches for all comers. No one can play popular songs as Julia can, although when alone she plays and sings grand opera. Margaret looks on, big-eyed, at the doings of her teenage sisters. The home life of the Rays is warm and real and will interest parents as well as younger readers.

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