Happy Little Family

Happy Little Family

By: Rebecca Caudill
Published by: The John C. Winston Company
Publication Date: 1947
Series: Fairchild Family Series
Series Number: 1
List: Heartwarming Stories to Read Aloud, Not to Miss Read Alouds for Children Ages 4-6, Junior Literary Guild, Best Read Alouds for Girls (Age 4-6)

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Bonnie was four and very proud of it. She was also a very happy four, because she was the youngest of one of the very happiest families anywhere. As you read about Bonnie and the fun she had, about her pink sunbonnet, and the ice-skating party, and her adventure on the mountain—you can't help but be happy, too.

A story as American as ice-skating in winter and berrying in summer—a story for the younger folk and the young in heart.

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Happy Little Family Reprint

Happy Little Family
Reprinted in 2004 by Bethlehem Books
Available formats: Paperback, Ebook
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