Gypsy Moth: Its History in America

Gypsy Moth: Its History in America

By: Robert M. McClung
Published by: William Morrow & Company
Publication Date: 1974

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The insect pest known as the gypsy moth flourishes in spite of all the campaigns mounted against it. To explain the true nature of the problem that it presents, Robert McClung here assembles the available information about it. He describes its life cycle, relates its history in the United States, and reports on the new techniques being developed for its control.

First comes a concise account of the way the insect lives and grows. The Mr. McClung tells how it originally appeared in the country when a scientist imported eggs for silk-raising experiments during the 1860's. Some of the caterpillars escaped captivity in 1869, and they have been spreading ever since. Lastly Mr. McClung details the weapons that have been pressed into service against it: early insecticides, DDT, natural enemies, bacterial and viral diseases, and other biological controls. 

The story of the gypsy moth is largely the story of the ecological dilemma faced by man today. This complete and up-to-date study shows the reader the choices to be made and in so doing helps him reach an informed opinion on them. 

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