Great Inventors and Their Inventions

Great Inventors and Their Inventions

By: Frank P. Bachman
Published by: American Book Company
Publication Date: 1918

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Can you imagine how different life would be without the printing press? It's unlikely you'd ever have held a book. And your clothes would look very different without the invention of spinning and sewing machines. Without boats, trains, and planes, even our diets would be changed.

Read about the fascinating creators of these inventions and the struggles they faced. Some got rich, some fought for every penny, but they all changed the way we live our lives today. Inventors profiled in this collection include James Watt (the steam engine), Elias Howe (the sewing machine), Cyrus McCormick (the reaper), John Gutenberg (the printing press), Alexander Graham Bell (the telephone) as well as many more.

From the back of the Living Book Press reprint edition 

The Story of Inventions, 2nd Edition Reprint

The Story of Inventions, 2nd Edition
Reprinted in 2008 by Christian Liberty Press
Reprint edited by Dr. Keith Jones, Michael J. McHugh
Available formats: Paperback
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"This second edition has been extensively revised to provide students with an accurate, readable presentation of many of the key inventions and inventors from the 15th through the 20th centuries. Improved illustrations help the reader comprehend many details regarding important inventions that have changed the way people live. The twenty-one chapters in the book have been divided into four topical units."

Great Inventors and Their Inventions Reprint

Great Inventors and Their Inventions
Reprinted in 2006 by Yesterday's Classics
Available formats: Paperback, Ebook
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This edition is an unabridged republication of the work originally published by American Book Company in 1918.

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