By: Robert M. McClung
Published by: William Morrow & Company
Publication Date: 1984

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Nobody writes about animals in their natural setting as skillfully as Robert McClung. In his latest book, he highlights the habits and life experiences of the elusive African mountain gorilla.

Beni is a young gorilla whose normal life is shattered when illegal hunters kill his mother, Kari, and the other adult members of their band. The poachers take him and a baby female gorilla, Coco, on a long and arduous journey, hoping to sell them to animal dealers. But a band of forest Pygmies rescue the terrified little gorillas, making it possible for concerned scientists to try and return Beni and Coco to the wild.

Capturing all the sights, sounds—and dangers—of the exotic African setting, McClung draws on his vast knowledge of wildlife and presents in Gorilla a sensitive life-cycle story. He dispels many misconceptions about gorillas, showing that they are actually shy vegetarians with strong family ties—a far cry from the malevolent beasts pictured in film and story. His gripping, authentic narrative, with Irene Brady's magnificent illustrations, gives young readers new insight into this intriguing and fast-disappearing species.

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