George Washington's World

George Washington's World

By: Genevieve Foster
Published by: Charles Scribner's Sons
Publication Date: 1941
Series: Genevieve Foster's World Books

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A quick glance through this book, stopping especially to look at the dramatic and arresting double-page illustrations before each section, will show what it does for the period during which the United States of America was born.

Through her two children of high-school age, Mrs. Foster discovered how difficult it is for young people to visualize the events of a period in their relationship to each other. With unbounded enthusiasm she set to work to give a picture of WORLD events during Washington's life. It was a long and strenuous piece of work, but her enthusiasm never flagged. One feels this as one reads the book, and the result is one of the most distinctive and unusual—we hope one of the most useful—books we have published.

An interesting feature is that the reader may follow the story of one character through the book; it is indexed to make this possible. Indeed, one can follow the characters through the pictures alone, seeing Napoleon grow from a tiny infant in the cradle to the would-be conqueror of Europe; seeing Benjamin Franklin grow old in the service of his country.

From the dust jacket

George Washington's World Reprint

George Washington's World
Reprinted in 1997 by Beautiful Feet Books
Available formats: Paperback
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Expanded by Joanna Foster (Genevieve's daughter). "In the more than fifty years since this book was first published, historical research has added to our information, especially in such areas as women's history, Afro- American and Native American history. So in this Expanded Edition, I have undertaken to add a few more of the kind of interesting people and ideas that Mother and I used to talk about."

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