George Patton: General in Spurs

George Patton: General in Spurs

By: Alden R. Hatch
Published by: Julian Messner, Inc.
Publication Date: 1963
Series: Messner Shelf of Biographies

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THIS is the action-packed story of General George Patton, commander of tank cavalry in World War II, who led the lightning tank sweeps across Africa and Europe and became the symbol of victory to Americans everywhere.

George Patton was a man full of contradictions — people either loved or hated him. Despite the toughness and daring that earned him the name of "Old Blood and Guts", he was a warmhearted, ardent and deeply religious man. In this book Alden Hatch vividly portrays Georgie's rugged outdoor boyhood on the family ranch in California in the 1890's; his student days at Virginia Military Institute and West Point, where he starred at track, fencing and polo; his friendship with young Ike Eisenhower; his warm family life with his adventure-loving wife and son and daughters. Wherever army orders took them, from Fort Meyer in Washington to Scofield Barracks in Hawaii, the Pattons always had a wonderful time, for life with Georgie was exciting. And always his work and play were geared to one directive — to be a great general.

When America entered World War II, Patton's long years of preparation came to fruition. This book tells of Patton's first perilous landing at Casablanca, the defeat of Rommel in the Tunisian desert, the whirlwind campaign in Sicily with a true account of why General Patton slapped Private Kuhl. Then it follows the glorious career of Third Army from its wild sweep across France, through near disaster in the Battle of the Bulge, to the great days of victory in Germany.

In this intimate biography, Alden Hatch tells how one of America's great generals became a legend in his own lifetime.

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General George Patton: Old Blood & Guts Reprint

General George Patton: Old Blood & Guts
Reprinted in 2006 by Sterling Publishing Co., Inc
Available formats: Paperback
Series: Sterling Point Books
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