Friendly Gables

Friendly Gables

By: Hilda Van Stockum
Published by: Viking Press Inc
Publication Date: 1960
Series: The Mitchells
Series Number: 3

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Fifteen-year-old Joan was the only one of the Mitchell children to be allowed free access to Mother's room after twin brothers were born that winter in Montreal. She had made friends with the stiffly starched nurse, straight-laced Miss Thorpe. Altogether there were now four boys and four girls in the family and Miss Thorpe thought that altogether too many!

It wasn't surprising that Timmy, Angela, Patsy, and Peter, feeling somewhat resentful of Joan, excluded her from the wonderful hideaway they had made for themselves to escape the vigilant eye of Miss Thorpe. (Three-year-old Catherine was already completely dominated and besides was too young to be trusted not to tell. Mother discovered their secret and promised to keep it—even from Daddy—so their privacy was assured.)

It was a real haven, but gradually the friendly children began asking a chosen guest or two to share it—until even Miss Thorpe, well thawed, was invited!

This is the same irrepressible American family, transplanted to Canada, and a little older and more numerous, that charmed the readers of The Mitchells and Canadian Summer. Here again they go their light-hearted way, gathering in friends both old and new, helping one another in trouble and joy, and more fun than ever now that there are ten of them.

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Friendly Gables Reprint

Friendly Gables        
Reprinted in 1997 by Bethlehem Books
Available formats: Paperback, Ebook
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