Emily of Deep Valley

Emily of Deep Valley

By: Maud Hart Lovelace Complete Authored Works
Published by: Thomas Y. Crowell Company
Publication Date: 1950
Series: Deep Valley Story

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This is a tender and beautiful love story. It is also the poignant story of a girl who has a difficult adjustment to make, and who makes it with courage and success.

Emily Webster was an orphan and lived with her grandfather, a Civil War veteran, in a little old-fashioned house across the slough in Deep Valley. When the story opens she is graduating from high school in the class of 1912. She is a class officer and she goes with a merry crowd of girls but, partly because of her strange family background and partly because she is shy and reserved, she has not gone out with boys.

Many of the class go off to college, but Emily, although she longs for more education, will not leave her grandfather. At first, in despair and loneliness, she thinks she faces a "lost winter". But she decides to "muster her wits in her own defense" and she starts a program which fills her winter richly. No one quite realizes the changes in Emily until the New Year's Eve ball.

Of course there are dances . . . and Sunday night suppers and skating parties. It wouldn't be a Maud Hart Lovelace book without them.

But, most important of all, the author looks again into a young girl's heart with sympathy and understanding. And the girl is a memorable one. Everyone who loves Betsy in Mrs. Lovelace's previous books will love Emily of Deep Valley.

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