Drake: The Man They Called a Pirate

Drake: The Man They Called a Pirate

By: Jean Lee Latham Complete Authored Works
Published by: Harper and Brothers
Publication Date: 1960

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"A substantial contribution," "fast moving and vivid," "lively and convincing," and "spellbinding" are a few of the adjectives the reviewers used in discussing Jean Lee Latham's previous book, Young Man in a Hurry.

Here is a biography of Sir Francis Drake in which Miss Latham has recreated, in fast-paces, realistic dialogue and action, the exciting life of one of the greatest of the historical enigmas.

Fascinated by the sea and determined to become the best master mariner in England, ten-year-old Fran Drake apprenticed himself for seven years to the cruelest, hardest driving sea captain he could find. After his rigorous training, he was well equipped to "singe the beard of the King of Spain."

Miss Latham's stimulating treatment of the life of the man who was called a pirate by some and a hero by others will be read by young people with thorough absorption and enjoyment.

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