Cranberry Valentine

Cranberry Valentine

By: Harry Devlin, Wende Devlin
Published by: Four Winds Press
Publication Date: 1986
Series: Cranberryport Series
List: Books to Celebrate Valentine's Day

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"Suffering codfish! Somebody's after me," Mr. Whiskers groans. And somebody is.

It all starts on a gray February day in Cranberryport, when Mr. Whiskers admits to Maggie and Grandmother that he has never, ever, received a valentine. Then two days later, a big lacy valentine arrives for him, full of cupids, lovebirds, hearts and flowers.

"How sweet," says Maggie.

"Revolting," says Mr. Whiskers.

The next day three more fancy valentines arrive for Mr. Whiskers, and he begins to get worried—particularly when he hears that a lady in green has been asking for him all over town. Can she be the one sending him all the valentines?

Then more valentines arrive and Mr. Whiskers is terrified! Should he hide or leave town?

How Mr. Whiskers solves the mystery of his secret admirer and enjoys a happy Valentine's Day after all makes another appealing story in this much-loved series.

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Cranberry Valentine Reprint

Cranberry Valentine        
Reprinted in 2014 by Purple House Press
Available formats: Hardcover
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