Cranberry Thanksgiving

Cranberry Thanksgiving

By: Harry Devlin, Wende Devlin
Published by: Four Winds Press
Publication Date: 1971
Series: Cranberryport Series
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Maggie and her grandmother live at the edge of a lonely New England cranberry bog.  The harvest has been gathered, and now it is time for Thanksgiving, highlighted, of course, by Grandmother's own cranberry bread, baked from a secret recipe.

Since they are alone, each invites a guest to join their simple feast.  Grandmother asks Mr. Horace.  He's new in town, he's very elegant, and he smells of lavender.  Maggie's guest is Mr. Whiskers.  Not only is he rough and ready, but he smells of clams and seaweed, and Grandmother is convinced he is trying to steal her secret recipe.

All goes well until Grandmother and Maggie leave the dining room-where the recipe is hidden behind a brick in the fireplace...

Wende and Harry Devlin, in text and pictures, have captured so well the feeling and flavor of a New England Thanksgiving, with just enough of a mystery to give added flavor to Grandmother's cranberry bread.  (You'll find a copy of her "secret recipe" on the back cover.  Try baking it and you'll discover for yourself how good it is and why it was worth fighting over.)

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Cranberry Thanksgiving Reprint

Cranberry Thanksgiving        
Reprinted in 2012 by Purple House Press
Available formats: Hardcover
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