Coast Guard to Greenland

Coast Guard to Greenland

By: Anne Molloy
Published by: Houghton Mifflin Company
Publication Date: 1942

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Greg didn't want to leave his grandmother's farm to go to Greenland with his father. And the reason that he didn't want to go was that he was afraid of the sea. His father, who was captain of a Coast Guard cutter, didn't know that Greg was afraid, and that he hadn't learned to swim, as he had promised to do.

This is an exciting story, because Greg, in spite of his fear, had to go with his father. There were storms and an accident and adventures with the people of Greenland. Greg lived through them all and, before he knew it, he had overcome his fear and was ready to face the last great adventure at sea on the journey home. It was a test of courage, and Greg met it without flinching.

John L. Delano, who made the pictures, has spent much of his life at sea and likes nothing better than to paint sea pictures. He is now with the Marines, and hoping his new adventures will be more at sea than on land.

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