Children of the Northlights

Children of the Northlights

By: Edgar Parin d'Aulaire, Ingri d'Aulaire
Published by: Viking Press Inc
Publication Date: 1935

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At the very top of Norway, close to the top of the world, lived the little Lapp children, Lise and Lasse (Li-se and Las-se). All bundled up in their coats of fur and furry shoes, they looked very much like two little bears.

After the long dark winter they watched eagerly for the sun to come again, and then it was time to leave their mountain home to go to school in the village.

We follow them through a whole year, wandering from mountain to mountain with the large herd of reindeer, to the coast by the sea in the summer when the sun never leaves the sky, then back up into the mountains of snow.

And the "Northlights", dressed in their gayest colors, danced in the sky.

From the dust jacket
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