Charles Carroll and The American Revolution

Charles Carroll and The American Revolution

By: Milton Lomask
Published by: P.J. Kennedy & Sons
Publication Date: 1959
Series: American Background Books (Lives of Catholic Heroes and Heroines in American History)
Series Number: 9

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On August 2, 1776, in a handsome room of the Pennsylvania State House in Philadelphia, a distinguished-looking gentleman handed a quill pen to the man beside him. He had just signed his name—Charles Carroll of Carrollton—to the Declaration of Independence.

Charles Carroll came of a distinguished Maryland family who had quickly risen to a place of wealth and prominence in the American Colonies. But the Carrolls were Catholics, and Catholics were not allowed to hold office or take part in political affairs in Maryland.

Courteous, affable and gifted, with a sixteen-year European education behind him, Charles regarded this as a great handicap. However, encouraged by his gay and warm-hearted wife Molly, he struck a blow for liberty by writing a vigorous defense of the right of the Patriots. Thereafter, Charles threw in his lot with the revolutionaries. He worked to obtain military aid from France for the American cause, defended Washington's action at Valley Forge, and was a delegate to the Continental Congress. When Maryland formed its Senate, Charles was elected to it, and later to the United States Senate.

After Molly's death, Charles continued his public life until 1800 when he retired to devote himself to his four children and to his vast plantations. He lived to a great age—96—the last surviving signer of the Declaration, and of him it was said, "No man was fonder of doing a good action, and, certainly, none could do it with a better grace."

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Charles Carroll and the American Revolution  Reprint

Charles Carroll and the American Revolution
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Charles Carroll and the American Revolution  Reprint

Charles Carroll and the American Revolution
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