Cavalry Hero: Casimir Pulaski

Cavalry Hero: Casimir Pulaski

By: Dorothy Adams
Published by: P.J. Kennedy & Sons
Publication Date: 1957
Series: American Background Books (Lives of Catholic Heroes and Heroines in American History)
Series Number: 1

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Gallant men from many countries played a decisive part in helping to win the American Revolution, but none brought to American soil a greater love of liberty than did Casimir Pulaski. In Poland he had lost both his family and his country in a similar war for freedom.

Son of one of the greatest landowners in Poland, Casimir was trained for the cavalry from his early years. By the time he was nineteen Poland was invaded by foreign armies and Casimir became a Knight of the Holy Cross, taking a vow never to marry until Poland was free.

Although Pulaski fought bitterly against the powers that destroyed the independence of his native land, all was lost. But freedom remained the central and burning passion of his life. He made his way first to France and then to the American colonies to help them in their struggle against England.

From this point Pulaski's military career was identified with the Revolutionary army. His organization of the cavalry, his daring skirmishes with the British, his valor and courage endeared him to an embattled people. When he fell at the battle of Savannah he left behind the memory of a heroic figure who is commemorated in every part of the United States where numerous towns, counties, highways and bridges are named for him. This is his real story which every American will want to know.

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Cavalry Hero: Casimir Pulaski Reprint

Cavalry Hero: Casimir Pulaski        
Reprinted in 2016 by Bethlehem Books
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