Captains of the City Streets

Captains of the City Streets

By: Esther Averill
Published by: Harper & Row Publishers, Inc
Publication Date: 1972
Series: Jenny's Cat Club
Series Number: 13

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Sinbad and The Duke are tramp cats—and proud of it. Yet they want a place of their own. And so despite their friendly Patchy Pete's warnings against taking on "neighborhood obligations," they set out to find a little house.

They do find a small shack to call home, but finding food every day is not such an easy matter—that is, not until a mysterious man befriends them.

And then in the man's garden, they discover the meetings of the Cat Club—lovely Madame Butterfly and Concertina, wise old Solomon, and the pompous Mr. President. But Sinbad and The Duke refuse to join the Cat Club, with its "Rules and Obligations". It will take something remarkable to make them change their minds, and agree to serve as "Captains of the City Streets" for the rest of the Cat Club.

With this lively story, Esther Averill will delight her many Cat Club fans and will charm new readers as well.

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