Captain Waymouth's Indians

Captain Waymouth's Indians

By: Anne Molloy
Published by: Harvest House Publishers
Publication Date: 1956

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Way back before the Pilgrims landed in Plymouth and when New England was still known as North Virginia, a certain English Captain went cruising along that rocky coast. He wasn't looking for fish or furs or gold; he was after men. There had been enough explorations in this new country for wealthy noblemen back in London to realize that here was a land of great promise. But they knew so little about it. How to find out what it was really like? Who would know the best? Why, the people who lived there, of course. The Indians.

So Captain Waymouth's orders were to kidnap five Indians as quietly as possible and bring them back to England. There they would be taught the English language and pumped dry of their knowledge of their native land.

This book is the story of those five unfortunates. Their lives are separately followed as they were not all the same, varying even as hardship and misery can. But they make a fascinating whole, a sort of human record of the times on both sides of the Atlantic — revealing, dramatic, historically important, and very touching.

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