Bonny's Big Day

Bonny's Big Day (Adaptation)

By: James Herriot
Published by: St. Martin's Press
Publication Date: 1987
Series: James Herriot's Animal Story Picture Books

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After a series of bestselling books for adults that have established him as perhaps the world's most beloved storyteller, country vet James Herriot has won the hearts of younger readers as well, with his illustrated stories for children, Moses the Kitten, Only One Woof, and The Christmas Day Kitten. (Grownups like them too. The San Diego Union wrote of The Christmas Day Kitten, "The story is told with warmth, humor and tenderness that evokes smiles and tears. Ruth Brown's lively and colorful illustrations are a perfect complement to the narrative, matching Herriot's skill as a superb storyteller.")

In Bonny's Big Day, Herriot and Brown have teamed up to tell the unforgettable and endearing story of farmer John Skipton and his old carthorse Bonny. Though the mare has been "retired" from farmwork for years, Farmer Skipton visits her every day. When Herriot suggests that Bonny be entered in the Darrow by Fair Pet Show, Farmer Skipton is shocked at first. But when the Fair arrives, the surprise will be on everyone else.

Once again, James Herriot has fashioned another captivating story about the bond between people (even gruff old farmers) and their animals. With Ruth Brown's illustrations capturing the rugged beauty of the Yorkshire Dales and the colorful bustle of a country fair, Bonny's Big Day is another treat for the new generation of Herriot fans.

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