Blue Mystery

Blue Mystery

By: Margot Benary-Isbert
Published by: Harcourt, Brace and Company
Publication Date: 1957
Series: Annegret Benninger Series
Series Number: 2

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Who had stolen the priceless blue gloxinia? How had it been taken from the experimental greenhouse? Many people coveted the plant, perhaps enough to resort to stealing, but only an employee of the nursery would have had access to it. The evidence pointed strongly to the young red-haired apprentice, Fridolin. Aloof and sullen, he did little to defend himself. But ten-year-old Annegret, daughter of the nursery owner, was not convinced of his guilt.

Annegret, even in the face of the evidence, felt that he was innocent, for despite his lack of friendliness toward people, Fridolin had made friends of all the animals, including Annegret's faithful Great Dane, Cara. With the help of Cara and her best friend Uschi, Annegret determined to prove that the apprentice had not been involved in the theft. As this lively mystery unravels, the clues lead them through the fascinating world of greenhouses and fields, and then beyond-into the winding streets of their old German town that harked back to the time of Martin Luther.

Throughout the book there is a keen sense of nature, of the wonders of growth and the changing of seasons. And in her perceptive characterization, Mrs.Benary shows the mixture of love and awe that is felt by those who work closely with the earth and growing things. As in her other books-which include The Ark, Castle on the Border, and The Shooting Star-her writing is distinguished by touches of humor and warmth that make this truly satisfying reading for younger girls.

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