Blaze: The Story of a Striped Skunk

Blaze: The Story of a Striped Skunk

By: Robert M. McClung
Published by: William Morrow & Company
Publication Date: 1969
Series: Robert McClung's Animal Life Cycle Series

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The skunk's devastating means of self-protection has made it one of our most famous animals. Here Robert M. McClung describes the life cycle of the female of the species in a story that will appeal to beginning readers.

Blaze, about the size of a house cat, has thick, glossy, black-and-white fur and a beautiful plumed tail. Following her, and the babies she is raising, through the spring and summer, the author introduces many facts about skunks in general. We learn of their food, their homes, their rate of growth, and  their enemies. Blaze has a sure awareness of her own power and limitations. So do most other animals. They recognize a skunk by its distinctive color and pattern, give it a wide berth, and so avoid its secret weapon.

Using small dramatic incidents, the author gives a narrative flavor to an informative script based on his knowledge of animal life. His pleasing illustrations, accurate in every detail, add to the book, assuring it a prominent place beside his other highly regarded nature studies.

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