Blanche of the Blueberry Barrens

Blanche of the Blueberry Barrens

By: Anne Molloy
Published by: Hastings House, Publishers
Publication Date: 1959

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Do you like to meet new people—people you will remember for a long time? The heroine of this book is just an ordinary girl, on the surface. But the more you read about her, the more she grows on you, until she seems like a friend—a friend that lives way up in Maine, who does things that you will never do but that you feel as if you were doing when you read this book.

Probably Blanche was a poor girl by present day standards, but she wasn't aware of it. Every summer she went with her large family up on the barrens of Maine to pick blueberries. It was not a long trip in miles but it was like going back in time to the frontier days. There they met some of the same hardships and pleasures and excitement that pioneers did. Among these Blanche tried to carry out a duty that was most distasteful to her. In doing so, she surprised herself with her own bravery, cleared up two mysteries and found a real friend.

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