Betsy's Wedding

Betsy's Wedding

By: Maud Hart Lovelace Complete Authored Works
Published by: Thomas Y. Crowell Company
Publication Date: 1955
Series: The Betsy-Tacy Books
Series Number: 10

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Here is an understanding and realistic story of young married life. Betsy Ray is—to quote the Chicago Tribune—"as real as the girl next door," and her beloved Joe is as true as she is.

Betsy returns from a trip to Europe to marry the boy she has known since high-school days, and their wedding in Minneapolis takes place soon after. This is the romantic core of Betsy's Wedding, which is filled with the familiar magic of all the earlier Betsy-Tacy books.

Betsy and Joe return from their honeymoon to furnish an apartment on next to nothing and live on a budget. Joe has troubles with his job and Betsy has troubles with cooking. They face the problem of caring for an aged aunt as well as the threat—and eventuality—of the American entrance into the first World War.

But always it is a golden time.

Their circle included many figures loved by the readers of the earlier Betsy-Tacy books. Her beloved friend Tacy is expecting a baby, which Betsy is determined will be a girl. Betsy and Tacy are determined to find a husband for blonde, enchanting Tib, and their schemes for getting her married are as riotously funny as all their plots have been since—at the age of five—they began to make Deep Valley, Minnesota, one of the better-known towns of fiction.

Readers will find themselves dazed but delightedly at home with the merry Ray family, and the Crowd, and all the new friends Joe and Betsy draw around them.

From the dust jacket

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