Betsy and Tacy Go Downtown

Betsy and Tacy Go Downtown

By: Maud Hart Lovelace Complete Authored Works
Published by: Thomas Y. Crowell Company
Publication Date: 1943
Series: The Betsy-Tacy Books
Series Number: 4

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Betsy, Tacy, and Tib are very-best friends. They are old enough to go beyond the Big Hill where they used to play, and venture toward the excitements of the town. Betsy discovers the joys of a public library, and Tib the thrills of riding in a horseless carriage.

All three of them go to the theater. And if it weren't enough to see a real play, they find themselves acting in one, behind the footlights on the stage of the Opera House. They find a new and grown-up friend, Mrs. Poppy, whose husband is the owner of the Melborn Hotel and manager of the theater. She lives in a glorious and luxurious world of red carpets, gold chairs, and lace curtains. But Betsy discovers that Mrs. Poppy's life is lonely just the same—and proceeds to remedy the matter.

Betsy, Tacy, and Tib are growing up, but they still rush with their usual abandon into one hilarious adventure after another.

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