Away Goes Sally

Away Goes Sally

By: Elizabeth Coatsworth
Published by: The Macmillan Company
Publication Date: 1934
Series: The Sally Books
Series Number: 1

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Sally lived in old New England, on a farm, with three aunts and two uncles. Because of Sally, Aunt Nannie wanted to stay in settled Massachusetts and live in a respectable house. But the uncles had other ideas. They wanted new farmland, and the thrill of pioneering. 

One winter day, Sally and the aunts saw a great line of ox teams drawing a strange kind of sleigh up to their door. It was a little house on runners, with a water barrel at its door, smoke coming out of its chimney. Here was a house for Sally to travel in! So off they all went to Maine, and this story is the tale of that adventuresome journey. They bought a young bear; they saved a peddler from freezing by the road; they came safely through the great blizzard; they met all kinds of interesting people. At last the long journey was over, and rich new land spread before them. 

Sally's story, based on fact so far as the house on runners goes, and the details of the period, is really a story of the land. 

From the dust jacket of the 24th printing

Away Goes Sally Reprint

Away Goes Sally        
Reprinted in 2003 by Bethlehem Books
Available formats: Paperback
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This edition is now out of print.

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