At Snug Harbor Inn

At Snug Harbor Inn

By: Alta Halverson Seymour Complete Authored Works
Published by: Westminster Press
Publication Date: 1948

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The young Crathornes, living near the sea in Colonial days, face with courage and ingenuity the news that their father's ship has been captured by Black Sebastian, the pirate. It is young Consy's idea that the family turn their spacious country home into an inn, to help solve the family's financial problems. The whole family—Mistress Crathorne, brother Roger, Consy, and the twins Betsy and Benjy—turn to the project with enthusiasm. They are helped by Jeri, a Swiss lad, who had been Captain Crathorne's cabin boy when the ship was captured, but Jeri was fortunate enough to escape the pirates.

These young people observe a number of mysterious happenings in the neighborhood and notice that several suspicious-looking strangers have appeared in the countryside. How they became involved in a series of exciting escapades, how they suspect that Black Sebastian is "hiding out" in the neighborhood, and why they believe their house is being watched are only some of the elements that make innkeeping an adventurous undertaking and guarantee that readers who visit At Snug Harbor Inn will enjoy many thrilling moments.

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