Aquatic Insects and How They Live

Aquatic Insects and How They Live

By: Robert M. McClung
Published by: William Morrow & Company
Publication Date: 1970
Series: Robert McClung "How They Live"

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What is a water tiger? Or an underwater dragon? Or a hellgrammite? These aquatic insects are better known in their adult forms as the diving beetle, the dragonfly, and the dobsonfly, but they are of equal interest in the early, or aquatic, stages of their development. Here, in a well-planned and carefully executed study, Robert McClung explores the wide variety of insects found around a freshwater pond or stream.

Dividing the many species into basic groups—various kinds of aquatic flies, water bugs, and water beetles—Mr. McClung gives the outstanding characteristics of each and briefly outlines the life cycle. All of them are aquatic in their preadult form, but only the water bugs and water beetles continue to spend much of their time in the water after they become adults.

In conclusion, the author provides suggestions for the reader who wants to start his own collection and keep a record of his observations. Copiously illustrated, this book makes a valuable addition to the author's series on insect life.

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