Andy and the Circus

Andy and the Circus

By: Ellis Credle
Published by: Thomas Nelson Inc
Publication Date: 1971

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Andy was in town getting a block of ice for his mother's ice chest, a heavy iron point for his father's plow, and a bag of horehound candy for Grandpa when he saw—the circus poster!

If only he could buy a ticket to see the clowns—but "Great snakes, boy," said Grandpa, "don't go bothering people for money. If you want a ticket to the circus, go to the circus grounds and get yourself a job. They'll pay you with a ticket to the big show."

So, early the next morning, Andy got on his bicycle and started to town to get a job at the circus. What happened along the way—and what kind of job Andy finally got—makes a rib-tickling tale that will delight all readers.

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Andy and the Circus Reprint

Andy and the Circus
Reprinted in 2018 by Purple House Press
Available formats: Hardcover
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