All About Animals and Their Young

All About Animals and Their Young

By: Robert M. McClung
Published by: Random House
Publication Date: 1958
Series: All About Books
Series Number: 25

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A mother bear will protect and guide her cubs for a year or more in her effort to give them a proper upbringing. A female kildeer will pretend injury and risk her life to divert the attention of those who might harm her eggs or chicks.

Yet an insect will lay her eggs and never return to see herd young. And a female sunfish leaves her eggs for the male to protect until the young can swim freely by themselves.

The story of animals and their young is almost as varied as the animals themselves. From the tiny amoeba to the giant whale, there is believe-it-or-not information about how they reproduce, how they prepare for their babies and how they care for them or ignore them.

In All About Animals and Their Young, Robert M. McClung—scientist, author and artist—tells of hundreds of different animals. He shows their homes and how they feed and even discipline their offspring.

His report of first-hand observations and his delightful illustrations make you feel that you, too, are exploring the beach or woods in early spring.

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