Ali-Baba (Adaptation)

Adapted by: Jean Lee Latham Complete Authored Works
Published by: Bobbs-Merrill Company
Publication Date: 1961
Series: Jean Lee Latham's Children's Classics

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The famous story of Ali Baba and the forty thieves, on of the best-known tales from The Arabian Nights, is retold here by one of America's foremost children's authors, Jean Lee Latham, winner of the Newbery Medal for her outstanding book, Carry On, Mr. Bowditch. In this modern, vividly illustrated new edition, all the exciting action and the exotic settings are caught by the author's easy-to-read text and the rich, striking illustrations in full color by Pablo Ramirez. Delight and pleasure are waiting for young readers on every page of this centuries-old Persian legend.

As the story unfolds, Ali Baba and his wife, though kind and good, are very poor whil his brother Cassim, who is lazy and greedy, is very rich. One day, however, Ali discovers the....

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