Abraham Lincoln's World

Abraham Lincoln's World

By: Genevieve Foster Complete Authored Works
Published by: Charles Scribner's Sons
Publication Date: 1944
Series: Genevieve Foster's World Books

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Genevieve Foster's first book, GEORGE WASHINGTON'S WORLD, created interest everywhere because of its informal, graphic and utterly different approach to history. The World histories that followed continued this new and vivid approach and are recognized as unique contributions to books for children and young people.

In ABRAHAM LINCOLN'S WORLD we see what was going on all over the world during the lifetime of Abraham Lincoln. Not only does the book throw light on the Lincoln period and give an interesting picture of Lincoln, it is an excellent background for understanding world events today. We see Britain emerging as a democracy; Germany being unified, under Bismarck; Russia freeing her serfs; Japan first being opened to foreign trade by Commodore Perry; and the relation of the United States to various European countries. The pictures, maps, and charts make the book all the more vivid and interesting.

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Abraham Lincoln's World Reprint

Abraham Lincoln's World
Reprinted in 2003 by Beautiful Feet Books
Available formats: Paperback
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Expanded by Joanna Foster (Genevieve's daughter). "In the more than fifty years since this book was first published, historical research has added to our information, especially in such areas as women's history and African American and Native American history as well as the history of Africa and Southeast Asia. So in this Expanded Edition, I have undertaken to add a few more of the kind of interesting people and ideas that Mother and I used to talk about".

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