A Time to Love

A Time to Love

By: Margot Benary-Isbert
Published by: Harcourt, Brace & World, Inc
Publication Date: 1962
Series: Annegret Benninger Series
Series Number: 3

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Life in Germany just prior to and just after the beginning of World War II will be vividly and richly experienced by the readers of this outstanding novel. When Annegret was almost fifteen, her happy, peaceful life was deeply disturbed by the departure of her best friend, Esther, for England. It was hard for her to understand that Jews were wise to leave Germany. Then the local school became increasingly influenced by the Nazi philosophy, so Annegret's family sent her to Heiligenwald, an excellent boarding school in the Black Forest where liberal ideas were still cherished. By the time actual war came, Annegret was studying at the university and faced the anxiety and heartbreak of seeing the young man she hoped eventually to marry go off to the front.

Slowly, Annegret learned the meaning of self-discipline and of absolute loyalty to those one loves. And with her, her family and friends, the reader shares the inevitable narrowing of their world and courage, self-sacrifice, and devotion that bind them to each other and to the essential truths of living.

Like Dangerous Spring, The Ark, and all of Mrs. Benary's other books for young adults, this is a moving and memorable story in which steadfastness and faith burn brightly.

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