A Modern Aladdin or The Wonderful Adventures of Oliver Munier: An Extravaganze in Four Acts

A Modern Aladdin or The Wonderful Adventures of Oliver Munier: An Extravaganze in Four Acts

By: Howard Pyle Complete Authored Works
Published by: Harper and Brothers
Publication Date: 1892

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The Comte de St.-Germaine was a real historical character. Of all the many adventurers brilliant and volatile that flitted across the polished surface of Parisian life during the gay butterfly days of La Pompadour, none was more interesting, none left a more fascinating reflection, than he. No one knew who he was, no one knew his antecedents, no one knew whence he came, but there he suddenly appeared, to shine transiently and somewhat luridly for a year or two in a certain heaven of quasi high life.

Nothing could have been more sudden than his advent. One day he was unheard of; the next, all the world talked of him, gazed at him, and wondered. Great people adopted him and made much of him; courtiers and cabinet ministers bowed to him; the king petted him, talked with him in his privy closet by the hour, and held long and intimate discourse with him. He possessed the rare and distinguished privilege of a free and familiar entree to Madame de Pompadour's dressing-room a crowning honor, and one only enjoyed by the greatest and most favored courtiers...

So it came about that the Comte de St. Germaine shone, a brilliant star in his firmament, for a while; then suddenly he vanished, and the Parisian world saw him no more. For six days that world wondered and speculated concerning his disappearance; then, on the seventh day, it forgot him.

From the prologue

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