A Grandma for Christmas

A Grandma for Christmas

By: Alta Halverson Seymour Complete Authored Works
Published by: Westminster Press
Publication Date: 1946

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Here is an enchanting story about Christmas in a far-off corner of the world — in a land where the stars shine all day long.

With all the wonderful, unhurried charm of the old world, the Rolands celebrate a family Christmas. Their Yuletide customs, though strange to us, are deeply rooted in Norwegian tradition.

The hustle and bustle of preparation... days spent in the bakehouse making bread and festive holiday cakes... gifts fashioned in secret by loving hands... all have a counterpart in the ways in which we prepare for Christmas.

Though the Rolands express it quite differently, the Christmas spirit underlying their festivities is the same as ours—making this a story for all who have the spirit of Christmas in their hearts.

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