A Good Place to Hide

A Good Place to Hide

By: Louis Slobodkin
Published by: The Macmillan Company
Publication Date: 1961

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All morning, Susan looked for a place to hide from her brothers. They had a spider in a jar, and they felt that Susan must look at it. Susan felt differently.

She hid behind the rosebush, in the tool shed and even in Rover's doghouse, but somebody always found her.

Then, while Susan was trying once more to think of a good hiding place, she realized that she was in one! Her brothers raced by, calling, "Where did she go? We must show her this spider." Everybody looked for Susan, but—

No one ever saw her there.
No one ever peeked in.
And no one else ever found
Susan's good place to hide.

Mr. Slobodkin's lively story and pictures will let readers in on the secret, however.

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Too Many Mittens / A Good Place to Hide / The Little Mermaid Who Could Not Sing Reprint

Too Many Mittens / A Good Place to Hide / The Little Mermaid Who Could Not Sing
Reprinted in 2017 by Dover Publications
Available formats: Paperback
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This single-volume edition contains three classic children's tales!

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