A Bird in Hand

A Bird in Hand

By: Anne Molloy
Published by: Houghton Mifflin Company
Publication Date: 1945

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ADD LOOK wanted two things that summer. First of all, he wanted the other boys at Look's Landing to help him organize a baseball team and fix up the ballground, so they could play ball. He was going to the Academy in the fall, and he wanted to play well enough to make the team. Second, Add wanted to catch and raise a baby fish hawk, much against his mother's and father's wishes.

When Add and Celly, his sister, set off to the point to catch the hawk, a busy summer began. Add won the dangerous battle with the mother hawk, and persuaded his father to let him keep the baby bird. But when he lost his temper with the boys at the Landing, his hopes for a ball team disappeared. For some reason, too, no fish came to his father's weir, and Add's going to the Academy had depended on the money from fishing. When his mother's eyes went bad, Add gave us all his hope of the Academy and playing ball, until he found a way to earn some money himself — and incidentally, solved the mystery of the fish weir.

In this book, Anne Molloy proves that she knows boys as well as she know the coast of Maine, background of her story, where she spends her summers.

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